10 signs that show you can be a… designer

10 signs that show you can be a… designer

A web designer career

I see more and more people that start a career in web design without necessarily having University education in this area. Furthermore, I also see people that didn’t follow this kind of career, but who think it would have suited them better. Teamwork, the accumulation of technical knowledge, but mostly the creation part makes a lot of people switch sides on this domain, domain barely at the beginning of its road.

Are you one of those that fit the web designer stereotype? Admit it! Don’t let preconceived ideas limit you and block you from making a life-changing choice! If you think a career as a web designer would suit you, don’t wait because later might be… just too late!

Lower you can find a few signs that can tell you you’re actually a… designer:

  1. You have a favourite letter

Generally, any designer has a favourite letter, whose curves and shape are the most appropriate.

I must admit that I really like the letter “k”, if it’s written with an appropriate font.

The designer will try to play with this characteristic every time he has the chance and will try integrating the letter in the page’s text, without even realising he’s doing that!

  1. You didn’t like the food at a restaurant, due to the appearance of their menu

Yes, for a designer it can be very annoying to see a menu that is badly designed, hard to read and digest! This aspect will truly influence his perception of the restaurant and of the way the food is being prepared! If the menu is designed without an attention for details, why would the rest be different?!?

  1. You judge a company by its business card

Imagine that you are in a conversation with someone and about to make collaboration with that person… Well, at the end, you receive a rather boring business card, that type of business card made just to be made. A business card should have personality and tell you something about that company, even by its colours!

  1. You usually buy a certain brand of beer, just because you like its label

Some of the coolest design ideas and illustrations regarding nowadays’ products come from the beer industry. From truly cool logos to art in detail on every label!

There are also people that collect empty bottles, just for their labels! And these are some beautiful collections!

If you buy your beer just because the bottle looks good or because you have a collection like that, that means you truly are a designer.

  1. Coffee is already part of the food group

No matter it’s 5 in the morning or 9 in the evening, you need coffee because, otherwise, you just don’t have inspiration! With a quite randomly schedule, coffee is necessary! (Relax; nobody will judge you because you have brown curved stains on the desk papers)

  1. You know that turquoise is a different colour from that of the sky

The rainbow is much more complex than the 7 colours everybody knows and you have learned this aspect in school! It includes an infinity of colours that you can calculate with the help of CMYK, RGB or HEX languages, according to your current project. And there’s nothing more annoying than seeing someone adding a colour to a design that is outside of the colour palette, just because it was closer in the colour picker!

  1. You have a folder on your desktop where you save images you like

You browse the internet and find interesting pictures, with a strong personality. However, you don’t have on what to use them now, but you think that, in the future, they will definitely help you express something. So you save them in a separate folder, from which you can access them anytime you need them!

  1. Home decoration shops are Heaven on Earth

Do you like spending time in shops like this, even if you’re not buying anything?

That means you are attracted so some objects’ aspect and you are usually fascinated by the way they’re made!

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