Baboon UX Design Vision

Baboon UX Design Vision

The beginning and our values

When the Baboon team has decided to open its gates and willingly wait for customers that are decided to perform in online, it has done this because every member was aware of the importance of the assumed values of this team.

Baboon doesn’t offer only web design and online marketing services; Baboon offers performance, offers success transposed in hours of work and hundreds of creative ideas, but also in days spend at the office facing the complex research and interpretation reports of the online environment data.

Baboon offers efficient solutions for presenting and advertising in the online environment, assuming itself a vision it fulfils every time a project is successfully completed. We offer services based on performance and proven effectiveness because each and every of our projects starts from an absolutely essential point in order to achieve these results: user’s experience with websites we created.

The UX Design Vision of the Baboon team

 When we take over a contract and start working on your website we are aware that you are going to venture into the online jungle, an environment where competition is the defining term, with what we put at your disposal through the final project. Therefore, we feel honored, but at the same time forced, to deliver performance.

The experience in the online environment has taught us a lot of interesting stuff and has offered us the opportunity to report ourselves to this performance in a different way to the majority of the web design companies in Romania.

We are firmly convinced that the performance of a website means:

  • A platform responsive to every search device;
  • A clean and optimized template, without errors;
  • Certain plugins with no bugs that would negatively load the platform;
  • Modern graphic elements;
  • SEO optimization and SERP growth modules;
  • Efficient advertising and complex online marketing strategies.


But we fiercely support the fact that WE CAN NOT RESUME ONLY TO THIS!

We know that the central element to start with and that has as a purpose the accomplishment of everything mentioned above is THE USER’S EXPERIENCE WITH THE PLATFORM.

The Baboon has learned this thing from every created and finished project and from every day spent in the office, researching the online environment, analyzing the competition, designing online presence strategies, developing customer platforms, thinking the performance and the efficiency of every proposed solution.

Therefore, we have understood from the beginning that in order to generate performance in the online environment for our customers, it is not enough to manufacture a perfectly programmed robot to undergo certain functions, but it is absolutely necessary to manufacture a cute little robot that can empathize with every single user and perfectly understand the needs and desires of a visitor.

We have understood that automation plays its part when it comes to performance and efficiency for a website, but we have acknowledged that this website is made, ultimately, for a HUMAN, and this human has feelings and his decisions are taken in accordance with these feelings.

The reasoning based on which we develop every online project is a pretty simple one:

Create for other what you would like to create for yourself!

Implementing the Baboon vision based on UX DESIGN

Starting from this belief, the websites we make are, primarily, an informative support that is of real use to the visitor. He can find out, from the website, all the required information and all the steps he has to follow in order to gain the possession of the service or product that will satisfy his needs.

The website’s content is made by personnel specialized in Copy Writing and Content Writing, so that it would thoroughly present every advantage of the product you’re selling and to subtly highlight, without disturbing the user, the advantages of collaborating with you.

Website Interaction

To persuade him that the product or the service available on the platform is the one that he needs, we always build websites based on a strong principle: INTERACTION.

We want the visitor to interact with the website, and that’s why we place on it visible “call to action” elements which are perfectly integrated into the platform’s ergonomics, thought very carefully and graphically designed so that it would attract interest.

The Baboon Web Designers build the platform based on User-Friendly templates, which denote elegance, finesse and at the same time empathy capacity, understanding towards the final user.


Also, we use the most carefully selected plugins for performance, loading speed and optimization of the platform. We want to get out the best of every website, make it run at full capacity and look as attractive as possible, according to the users’ needs.

We know well which those are because we base every project on a strategic research of the target audience and branch’s competition stage. Before beginning the platform’s designing, we inform regarding on what it will offer, to who it will offer, how it will offer and why it will offer. Therefore, every time we choose a solution we are aware of what it should ultimately reflect.

Through all these processes and via their adaptation to your needs and your visitors’ expectations, we manage to always deliver the most professional and performance related development solutions of a business in the online environment.

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