5 WordPress plugins for an effective Social Media strategy

5 WordPress plugins for an effective Social Media strategy


When you are developing an online business, owning a website is not the only step you should be doing for the advertisement of your business. Of course, the website is an extremely useful platform for this purpose, but it can be also promoted to obtain a maximum sale yield.

How do we advertise a website?

Nowadays, the most viable method of advertising an online presentation platform of your business is the presence in Social Media. So, today we thought to provide you with some details about 5 WordPress plugins through which you can assure yourself a professional presence in Social Media.

Social Media presence/ you are not online, therefore you don’t exist!

First of all, to introduce your website in the Social Media, you need professional pages on the social channels you are interested in. After you’ve made the company pages on the channels you wish to be present on, you will need plugins that will attach your social buttons on your website – those are the buttons that will send visitors to the pages you made.

Social Media Feather

One of the most common WordPress plugins for this function is Social Media Feather. This is a plugin with over 100.000 downloads at this very moment, which will allow you to show the access ways towards your favorite social platforms. Also, it is worth noting that it provides customization options and that it is the only plugin based on a Retina-Ready design, adaptable to any kind of device.

Sharing is caring!

Another interesting plugin, which will help you with the share option of your articles and the content present on your platform, is Add This Share Buttons. This plugin will help you integrate the content of your website with over 300 social platforms and you can share it to all of those that are interested. Another advantage of this plugin is the fact that it offers an analytics module through which you can keep sharing evidence and create complex graphs regarding the social behavior of your users.

According to some case studies made by WordPress, using a plugin like this can influence the share growth with over 300%.

Image Sharing

Regarding the online presence, we all know that the increased efficiency of the visual content is scientifically proven. A visual message (image, info graphic, graph, table etc.) will be memorized with a percentage of 98% easier than a text message.

And that is why we have to offer a special place to the tools that help us share visual content. Such a plugin is Image Share.

This plugin adds buttons for sharing the visual content. Therefore, pictures/ images, the elements that attract the most, will be able to be shared by your readers. So, you will be able to easily double the number of shares, and the advertisement of your website will be an easy to do process, with a guaranteed success.

Old articles – new traffic source!

There have been a few years since you’ve been writing on your blog and your archive is already counting more than a couple of pages? You’ll rarely notice readers browsing through your first written articles. But that doesn’t mean the articles are not relevant and they’ve lost their purpose.

There is a plugin specially made to keep their track and to attract traffic to your website through them. This plugin is Revive Old Posts. This plugin will take charge of automating the sharing process of your articles according to your chosen tags. This will offer you the opportunity to select tags according to the period in which the articles were published and you will be able to re-share old articles to get new readers.

Statistics – elements of increasing the credibility level

It is scientifically proven that the statistics add to any type of content a superior feeling of safety and credibility. This thing can bring benefits in case your brand is already outlined in Social Media. You can be proud of the fans you have gathered around your brand and with the shares and likes accumulated over time.

SocialFans is the plugin that will help you with this. This is a plugin used to attach real time, exact statistics to your website. It will show the subscribers’ number on every social channel, like number, shares etc. so that your readers will take into account the fact that you already have a certain notoriety degree in the online environment. This will offer them the certainty that you own authority in your field and will encourage them to watch you more often.

Using these 5 plugins you will quickly notice a growth of your notoriety in the online environment. Therefore, your website will enjoy in time of Social Media advertisement with minimal efforts. You will be a real reference point for the people interested in your field of activity!


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