9 things you have to pay attention to when running on page SEO

9 things you have to pay attention to when running on page SEO

 Are you happy with the performance of your website?

If you aren’t, no problem, you will only need just a few adjustments to improve the ranking of your website on the search engines and to significantly influence the traffic and conversions.

Here’s a list of 9 things you have to pay attention to when running on page SEO:

Here’s a list of 9 things you have to pay attention to when running on page SEO:

  1. Keyword

Even if you like to think this, it’s not good to think that your website’s ranking on the search engines will increase for any keyword you want to use. Some of them are just too competitive, and for a brand new website, you have to choose carefully the keywords you are going to use.

The Google AdWords tool can give you some really good ideas regarding the choosing of good keywords.

  1. Quality content

The content’s aspect is very important for SEO. How long must the content be? There isn’t an exact answer; most of the people claim that approximately 500 words should be contained in a blog post. The content must have well-structured ideas and must also be easy to understand!

  1. Natural keyword

The most important rule you have to respect when you are using a keyword is that it should sound as natural as possible to the reader.

  1. Page title

It is recommended that the page’s title contains the chosen keyword, but it also must be descriptive for the reader. It must not exceed 70 characters!

  1. URL

It’s important that you use keywords in the URL too. Also, the meta-description you choose is as important so that your subject is attractive and easily understood.

  1. Header Tags

Generally, it is a good idea to use keywords in the Header Tag, but not exaggerated. If you want to include a keyword in the header, it is recommended you use the H2 tag, because Google recognizes it and grants more attention to it.

  1. Using page links

Make sure you use hyperlinks towards other pages, which will be useful for visitors/ readers. This will help you improve the page SEO and will assure the customer a useful and well-understood content.

  1. Page loading speed

The good loading speed of your website’s pages is an extremely important factor for its ranking on the search engines.

To obtain a good page loading speed:

  • Check how long does it take for your website’s pages to load
  • Optimize the website and the images to increase performance
  • Choose a good hosting provider
  • After making the modifications, check once more your website’s performance (page speed insights)
  • Reduced use of the WordPress modules (use only those useful to the website).


  1. Mobile responsive design

Nowadays, most of the people own a smartphone or a tablet with internet access. That’s why it is very important for your website to run properly on mobile devices as well. Google recommends a responsive design because it shortens the visitor’s path, using a single URL, your pages loading faster because your website isn’t forced to redirect the visitor to another page, specially created for mobile devices.


The conclusion is that it’s not very hard to run on page SEO, and the important things mentioned above to which you must grant special attention will help you climb the search engines ranking, increasing the success of your business of that of your customer’s.

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