How do I choose a domain and the hosting for my website?

How do I choose a domain and the hosting for my website?

The moment you want to launch your business online you have to know that not only the website’s building should concern you. That website, once it’s made, must be visible for your visitors, therefore it must show up on the World Wide Web.

For it to show up online, it will have two issues you will have to solve first, even before making the website.

You will have to choose the domain of your website and the hosting services. Each of these is important in its own way, and below you’ll have some things it’s best to know when making choices regarding them.

How do you choose a domain?

The most important rule when it comes to picking a domain for your website is represented by the memorability of the domain. The easier it is to remember and verbally reproduce the more advantage it represents to your website. This way you will be able to easily difference yourself, and your business will set itself relatively fast a brand position through the representativeness of the domain on the market.

Also, when you choose a domain, it is important that it’s very short. There are certain web specialists which attest the fact that the fulminant success on this market is much more visible in case of the websites that possess domains formed out of 3 or 4 letters (,, etc.).

It is most appropriate that the domain name reflects exactly the name of your business. If this thing is not possible, then it is better to take into account the aspects mentioned above. But the domain’s name does not represent the only problem.

What do you choose between .ro, .com and other extensions?

Here, the issue is much simpler. If your website is addressed exclusively to Romania and you have absolutely no international extension plan, a .ro domain is perfect. You can register it on any website that holds authority in the field, the most known being ROMARG. If you want to position your business on the international level or if your website has content available in English, the .com domain would fit you the best.


The extension of your domain does not influence in any way your website’s positioning on the search engines as well as its indexing!

To position the website better and to influence its indexing, relevant content is required, as well as website structuration and as efficient as possible SEO strategies.

It’s true, there are odds Google places on the domains, but these are calculated according to their visibility, on how many domains with the same extension are registered or according to other algorithms, but the indexing of your website and its positioning on Google do not depend on the used extension.

How do you choose the hosting service?

As every document of your PC is saved on its hard-disk, exactly this way you’ll have to use to save everything you write, post, create on a website (text, images, blog articles, graphics etc.) on a server, so that this very content can be available 24/24 – 7/7 for your visitors.

This thing can be done by accessing a web hosting service – a service that is hosting your website.

A company specialized in offering these services will host the entire content of your website on a server, so that it is permanently available to the large audience.

There are certain decision factors when it comes to accessing such a service:

  • The credibility and professionalism of the chosen web hosting company.

The moment you pay a monthly fee for this hosting service, you want to have the guarantee of the fact that your website will be online and it won’t crash the moment it will have to sustain a certain number of visitors. Serious hosting companies offer truly professional services and have available diverse solutions and fixes regarding the server, to make sure that your website will be online and that there will be no loading issues.

  • Choosing a shared or a dedicated server.

You can choose to host your content on a server that is split between more websites, but with a bigger financial effort, you can choose a dedicated server, to be made available by the web hosting company exclusively for your business. This thing is recommended when it comes to true online portals (websites that gather millions of monthly visitors and with a truly intense activity), but it can also represent a solution in case of an online shop that is big enough or for a presentation website with many visitors or a blog with an intense activity

  • The control you wish to have over the server.

It is well known the fact that if you choose a shared server hosting, then the control will be minimal. A lot of websites will share the same server and you will have limited access to it and its properties.

Concrete example: It is exactly the same situation as to when you are living in an apartment building. You will have access only to your apartment, even though the building is formed out of tens of apartments, and it is administered as one location only. Your control will be limited.

There is also the situation where you can have total control over the server and be able to control the pop-ups, applications and the modules you want to use or not. This solution presumes the accessing of a dedicated server.

Concrete example: This situation can be compared to your own house. Living in a house you have your own yard, enclosed and separate from your neighbor’s, and the control over what you have in your ward and over who you want to let in your house is totally yours.

For more details and tips on how to register a domain and choosing an appropriate hosting service, you can contact the Baboon specialists with confidence. We are here with you to make the right choice for your business.

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