The Facebook business page offers a better UX experience

The Facebook business page offers a better UX experience

The Facebook business page

The Facebook Business Page is somehow necessary for any online business nowadays, both for growing the online business and the business’ credibility! Actually, every business seems to have its own Facebook business page nowadays, and that’s a just thing to do!

Facebook is an extremely big force when it comes to marketing, being the second most visited website in the world. No business will allow itself lose the opportunity of rising or catching some customers via this social media colossus.

The new business page: changes and aspect

In the last few days, the Facebook Company has finalized and released the new business page, characterized by a cleaner and easier to use aspect. One of the most prominent changes that the users will immediately notice is the fact that the sheets have completely vanished. These have been replaced with sidebar based navigation, on the left side.

Also, the action buttons on the business page, like “shop now”, “learn more” and “Sign Up”, are more prominent than ever. Facebook has begun experimenting with this new business page model a few months ago, but only now they’ve launched it on a larger scale.

In the last couple of months, some minor changes to the business pages have been noticed, but not as big as the latest change. For example, at the beginning, the commercial pages had a bigger cover photo. This would remove any graphic ads that usually appeared on the right side of the desktop pages.

UX (User Experience Design) – Design for the user’s experience

User Experience is drastically changed, because of this redesigning. The profile image won’t block the cover picture of a page because the latter has been moved to the right of the page. The cover picture still keeps on to the same dimensions: 828 x 315 pixels.

Surprisingly, the blue action button is now on the upper right side of the page, right under the cover picture. Also, the companies enjoy more personalization possibilities. This action button can be configured to show exactly the type of action the business’ page manager wants. For example, the action button can be configured for:

  • Shopping on their selling website;
  • Watching a presentation movie;
  • More about their product/ service;
  • A reservation/ appointment.

The aspect and the template of the business page

The template of this redesigning has a much cleaner and minimalist aspect. The removal of the graphic ads from the right side helps this side of the matter very much. Actually, Facebook tries to make the business page more consistent on the desktop version, in character with the most recent mobile updates from the beginning of this year.

When it comes to user experience, the greatest improvement comes from removing the page sheets and introducing a sidebar. Without the sheets, a business page is now similar to a traditional website, with a left side of the page based navigation.

As a result, the users should feel they can navigate on the entire page in a more efficient way as they switch from one section to another.

Change’s results

In the past weeks, more and more users had already begun to notice these changes. Most of the users should now have the possibility to see improvements on the business page.

A Facebook spokesman has confirmed that this launch is almost finished. On the 3rd of august, the internet development has been extended – starting with this week, it should be possible to see exactly what the new business page looks like and what it can do.

Source: Facebook delivers a better UX for business

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