FLAT DESIGN – Basic Concepts

FLAT DESIGN – Basic Concepts

 The history of the FLAT DESIGN trend

Every time we make a graphic layout for a website we face tens of graphic styles, tens of templates, with all sorts of requirements, and the perfect choice is increasingly difficult to make.

In the top of the new trends, there’s a particular style, a style many web designers don’t take into consideration, even though it is proved as being a professional presentation style, graphically speaking. It’s all about the FLAT graphic or FLAT DESIGN, as we’ll find it multiple times when browsing the online.

The trend has its start in the 1950s, being the first graphic model used to present a product, at that time in the form of the poster. In the online environment it has captured the users around 2002 – 2010, when the supporters could see this graphic style at Microsoft (Microsoft Media Center, Windows Phone 7, Zune (MP3 Player), Xbox 360) and other notorious brands.

Now the platforms begin to reinvent their UI Design vision with the help of the FLAT graphic and the style begins to reappear more and more in the online environment.


 The FLAT DESIGN term refers to a minimalist graphic style, expressive and pretty much simple when it comes to graphic presentation elements. It is a type of minimalistic presentation, because, in the FLAT graphic shadows, gradient texture, shyness effects and approximately any other special style effects are completely missing.

In other words, the FLAT graphic is based on simplicity and efficiency. The FLAT graphic expresses the message a lot better, and by the graphic point of view, it emphasizes the text and not the imaging elements (pictures, icons, etc.). Also, the FLAT graphic is much easier to create when it comes to other platforms’ adaptability.

Advantages and disadvantages of the FLAT DESIGN in Web Design


  • Increased visibility because of the graphic simplicity
  • Increased adaptability on the other platforms (iPad, mobile)
  • Faster loading speed compared to the Rich Design layouts
  • Greater efficiency in sending the message to the visitor


  • Apparently weak design regarding the interactivity
  • Lack of 3D effects
  • Can convey monotony, lack of personality of the promoted brand
  • Created and personalized harder than other graphic styles

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