What is a Front-End developer?

What is a Front-End developer?

What does a Front-End developer do?

The Front-End developer creates the website’s part on which the visitors navigate. This works with the web designers to create interactive experiences that make the internet a complex environment. The moment you clicked on this website, the Baboon servers sent information to your computer, information that transformed into the page you are seeing right now. Who wrote this code? A Front-End Developer!

The Front-End Web Developers build static pages, like this one, as well as dynamic web applications like Twitter, Facebook or Google Docs.

  • He is responsible for projecting and developing the web code the user faces
  • He is responsible for optimizing web applications to increase the speed and the scalability
  • He is responsible for creating easy to use applications/ software and prototype developing
  • He is responsible for building unprecedented experiences for the users.



HTML is the first of the four great languages you need to create websites (HTML, CSS and JavaScript). HTML is not a programming language itself. It describes the way in which a website’s elements should be placed on the page and offers the browser a list with other files like CSS and JavaScript that the website needs, for a good and complex running. You can think of HTML as a house’s project. It tells you how big the rooms are but also what they should contain. What it doesn’t tell you is how they should look.


If HTML describes the project of a house, CSS describes the way the house should look. CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is responsible of the way a certain website looks like. Colors, fonts, even some of the animations are CSS controlled. As HTML, CSS is not a programming language (extension: stylesheet.css)


Of the 4 web languages, JavaScript is the only one considered a programming language. JavaScript controls the interactions on a website. For a simple, static website, you don’t need JavaScript too much. But for a dynamic website, which is more complex, you are going to need advanced knowledge of the JavaScript language.


It is a JavaScript library, designed to ease and improves processes like crossing the DOM tree in HTML, inter-browser event management, animations and AJAX type requests (+handling the CSS elements).

How to become a Front-End Developer

You would be surprised to find out that the first question to hear on an interview won’t be about your accreditations or where you’ve studied. Instead, you will be asked for a portfolio.

A Front-End Developer can build fantastic experiences that would interest certain people, and add them into a portfolio which will count on further interviews. Build websites that would delight your customers! Try new technologies! Develop yourself!

  • Accumulate continuously new information;
  • Gain experience by creating websites using the latest technologies;
  • Get involved in an open-source community, which is tightly connected to the Front-End world.

A complete portfolio with all of your work will help you stand out and get the job you want – no matter the field you have studied in school!

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