How to increase the loading speed of your website?

How to increase the loading speed of your website?

Why is the loading speed important?

This is a question that should be on the mind of every member of the online community. Every entrepreneur that has an online business should be thinking about how to reduce the loading speed of his website if he wants to have success in the online jungle. The more a website or a page has a faster loading speed, the more is it easier for the visitor to use.

Today we thought to give you some tips through which you’ll manage to increase the loading speed of your website and make your visitors eager to enjoy this.

Use the cache memory – Browsing Cache

This thing will be extremely helpful because the functionality of this element (and its importance) is obvious: once you access the website, the next time it will load much faster, because the data is already stored on the server with the help of Cache Memory.

Optimize the images

The moment you will launch a website you will notice that most of its space is taken by the images you have on the website. Use certain software like Smush it, EWWW Image Optimizer etc. to optimize their size and to therefore increase the loading speed.

For this step, we also recommend you reading this article: Image optimizing for a fast website

Take care what plugins you use

Eliminate from the platform all the unnecessary plugins, that don’t help you and always update those that are necessary to their latest version. Also, take care of the plugins that are installed with the template or with the WordPress install (Hello Dolly for example). These will have to be stopped and uninstalled if they are of no use.

Take care with the use of CDN

If the majority of your visitors are from a town or from Romania, there’s no point in using CDN software. The content will be automatically delivered from the closest server. But if you have balanced and significant traffic, that comes from different areas, you should use a professional CDN to assure speed by downloading the files from the closest servers.

Delete blank pages, code errors and old versions of the updates

A clean code= a fast website! – This is a very important rule of the online environment. Take care to eliminate the files that are left behind after certain updates with the help of specialized software. Check the website with the help of the testing software:


Subsequently, implement the solutions they offer after the audit. Eliminate the errors, delete the blank pages from the menu, and you’ll get a much faster website.

Professional website optimization services

These are the most common methods to optimize a website’s speed. You can find out a lot of information on this subject by running a test and following the report offered by professionals, via the software mentioned above.

Also, for further detail and help regarding the optimization of your website, we wait for you to contact us. Tell us about what you want and get free counselling from the Baboon professionals!



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