OpenCart Platform Installation Guide

OpenCart Platform Installation Guide

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is an open source e-commerce software, use for creating online shops. This will significantly ease your entire work when creating the perfect online shop and for attracting the potential customers.

OpenCart Installation Guide

The first step you have to do to install OpenCart is downloading the installation archive from the official website. On the download page of the website, you’ll find a list with different versions of OpenCart, but it is recommended you use the latest version so that you’ll be up to date with the installed updates.

After you’ve downloaded the archive, unzip it on your computer. In the newly unzipped folder you’ll find another folder named “upload”, and it contains all the files that must be uploaded to a server (hosting account) to continue the installation.

But before uploading the files on the server, access the “upload” folder; here you will find a config-dist.php file which you’ll have to rename to config.php. The next file is located in the /admin/ folder and is named as the one mentioned above, and you’ll have to do the same thing again: rename the config-dist.php file to config.php.

The second step would be uploading the files on the chosen hosting server, in the public_html folder if you want your online shop to be accessible directly via the domain name:

Uploading the files can be made from the cPanel or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), with the help of FileZilla, very useful software that allows a direct connection between your PC and the server and the fast transfer of the files.

The third step: Creating a database and a user through which you can access that specific database. This step is easily done as well; you access the cPanel and surf to the MySQL database, further on you’ll realize what needs to be done. You create the database and assign the created user to it, and now the OpenCart is ready to be installed.

The fourth step: Open the browser you want to use and write the address of your website (URL) in the search bar. Ex: You will be redirected to the installation page of the OpenCart.

  1. License Agreement – Click on “Continue” if you’ve read and agree with the terms.
  2. On the next step the result of a test will show up; the check is required in order to verify if you have all the necessary files for the OpenCart installation to continue.

Here make sure that your config.php files are on the server (those that have been renamed from config-dist.php). After this, you can click Continue.

  1. The third step: A window shows up in which you must be sure to insert the correct username and password you have created, the name of the database and the administrator’s name, his password and e-mail (yours). All of this data you’ve created in the previous steps.
  2. The installation has been successfully completed. To access the website’s admin page, click on “LOGIN TO YOUR ADMINISTRATION”. Here’s there’s the possibility of a warning message to show up regarding a certain folder on the server: “install” that must be deleted from the server, for security measures. After you’ve deleted the folder, refresh the page, and now the warning message shouldn’t pop up anymore (if you’ve followed the steps accordingly).

Easy, right?

Of course, it was easy. If you’ve carefully followed all of the steps… You made it! And now that you’ve managed to install OpenCart you’ll only have to pick the template suited to your business, after which you’ll be ready to develop and improve your business, by creating the perfect online shop.

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