Research and the pre-build stages at Baboon

Research and the pre-build stages at Baboon

Website’s performance

We have talked on many occasions about a website’s performance and about its success in the online jungle, the environment where competition is a decisive element. We, the people behind Baboon, have always supported the fact that performance has more than one level and we like to report ourselves differently to this parameter, compared to other Romanian web design companies.

A website’s performance won’t be assured only by its loading speed, website content, user-friendly graphic elements and platform optimization via plugins.

Most of the times, performance is born before all of this, it is an element that precedes the programming and web design stages. It is represented by everything we do every time before starting to build a website. For Baboon, performance is a pre-build stage, anchored in RESEARCH.

What does research mean for Baboon and what is it used for?

Inside the Baboon projects, research can take on many shapes. We can begin the research process from the product or service the platform is going to be based on, either it’s a presentation or a distribution platform.

We will research, therefore, the product’s characteristics and its advantages compared to the same products offered by the competition, to determine the way of approach and what would exactly fit with the website we are going to create for this very product.

Also, we can start this process from the target audience. We have discussed here as well the fact that websites represent, for us, more than just some automated platforms. They represent informative elements and attraction points for the people. So, we have to see from the beginning to whom we are addressing, how we should address to attract customers, what they like, what they hate and what behavior they have in the online environment.

Research and it stages

During the research stages, we can also offer analysis and interpretation of the competitors’ online behavior services. We have to know from the start who is the competition, how they’re different from us and which are their strong and the weak points. In this way we will assure the website’s success, focusing on the points that the competition has problems with and working on the things that we lack compared to the opposing camp.

At Baboon we can even offer consulting and research regarding the domain chosen for your website. This element designates most of the times the name of our brand. Therefore is has to be a distinctive element, perfectly adaptable to the message and to the central concept of our business, making it easy to remember and able to be branded.

How do we achieve these research stages at Baboon?

Even though we are a web design company, we co-opt in our team professionals of various fields, like Marketing, Programming and Web Design, Copy Writing and Content Writing, Market Research, Sales, Advertising and Social Media.

With the aid of these professionals we manage every time to do complex research reports, analyze and interpret the existing situations in the online environment and use every piece of information we have obtained to the advantage of the customers.

Every person in our team is clearly aware of his role in the team and the entire team works towards the completion of the same goal: the performance of the final product.

Therefore, making a website through Baboon is always a complex process that means more than one stage, stages that have as a purpose the performance of your website and the assuring of your business’ success.

We research, interpret, project, apply, develop and advertise performance from the very beginning so that your website will reflect all of these stages into a palpable final result and one proven as successful.

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