Smartphone’s penetration of the digital environment

Smartphone’s penetration of the digital environment

The Digital Environment

There’s no doubt that the digital environment is continuously expanding, and the advantages are more than obvious for the economic environment and for Romania’s entrepreneurial situation so that there remains to be discussed the simple problem of streamlining the work method in this digital industry.

These problems have been approached by truly competent people and developed inside multimillion dollar companies so that the solutions can be imported without any problem and be continuously developed with us.

For example, one of the most important events of the last century’s history when it comes to digitalization was the market introduction of the smartphone.

Again, the way this has made room for in the niche of communication developing and its advantages for the adepts of these technologies is indisputable, but it is also interesting to analyse the impact this device had in the IT and Advertising environment, two of the current pillars of the economic development.

The Case Study made by Samsung

To make a real reporting over the impact it is necessary we approach reliable sources, like the market studies. A very good example, in this case, is the case study made by Samsung, widely presented in the specialist article Dynamic Capabilities at Samsung: Optimizing Internal Co-Opetition.

In this article is present the manner in which Samsung develops the entire management strategy on an internal level, based on simultaneous actions at competition and cooperation level, to manage the continuous development of the company on the smartphone market, the product that currently engages the target audience mostly.

The Apple Boom and Samsung’s Reaction

The history presented here is simple: in the moment of Apple’s Boom apparition on the market (2007), Samsung wasn’t ready to launch a smartphone to compete with this brand. However, in only three years, Samsung launches the Galaxy S1, in 2010, reaching by the end of the year to have sold almost as many smartphones as Apple, and in 2013 being the market leader, with a share of 32%.

What was the Samsung secret? The answer is simple: the dynamic development of the company. Samsung behaved like an umbrella for all the brands they have developed and have seen cooperation like a long-term solution. Only a few companies in the entire world manage to successfully internalize the production, marketing, business development, sales and the other departments as well. Also, competition meant for Samsung not only a push to overcome its obstacles, but also a guideline on the market. Being based on a philosophy that harmonized cooperation between the departments and the guiding coming from their competitors’ history, Samsung has managed to offer today one of the most important tools of the digital environment: the smartphone.


This has influenced the online jungle from the very first day of its apparition. How decisive it has been on the market and how much it has influenced the trends, the numbers always tell us.

  • The smartphone’s penetration on the market, in 2015, is over 60%. (Samsung’s share is of 22.5%)
  • Over 75% of smartphone users use applications as: Facebook, Google, mobile applications of diverse websites. (Android registers a market of over 80% on application use)
  • Almost 80% of the users inform online before buying or trying a new product/ service.

From these three short pieces of information, we can easily calculate the impact Samsung had on the market from its launch, in 2010.

What do we benefit of off this?

As pawns on the web design market, we must know that nowadays, the User Experience and Page Quality terms are among the most important elements of the online jungle which we must focus on.

The study mentions that 79% of the people that don’t manage to see a website on their mobile phone won’t access that website anymore and will look for an alternative, and 52% of the users won’t interact with that company in the future. Therefore, here it is, the impact of smartphones on the web design and development market.

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