Text Editor – Code like a Professional

Text Editor – Code like a Professional

Write code like a professional!

Either you’re a developer or a simple writer, a good Text Editor is a must-have on any PC, on any operating system. The Text Editor is perfect for coding or writing simple thoughts of yours.

What is a Text Editor?

Text Editor – software used for editing text files and it provides operating systems and software development packs. Text Editors are used for modifying configuration files, doc type files and the source code of the programming languages.

Experiencing with more Text Editors, we have selected and made a short presentation of the most used and useful of them:

  1. Sublime Text – a text editor favored and praised by all of its users, thanks to the extraordinary set of features it contains. Very useful modules and add-ons for the many programming languages. The features are extremely useful and also powerful, a multitude of commands (short-keys) that help you use only the keyboard, so you won’t need a mouse when you are writing a code.

It allows you to have open several documents at once and has possible the selection of multiple rows at once, to make the desired modifications.

  1. Notepad++ – a text editor on for a long time and used by many people. It is still in development, and combines the Notepad/ WordPad interface with advanced features that will make any developer happy. Interface features: a map to help you see the current stage of the projects you are working on, a tabbed interface that helps you work on several projects at once, auto-complete of the written code, you can collapse certain parts of a document, so that they would be easier read and understood, and other many helpful features. This is a free software and Windows only.
  2. Brackets – a free, modern text editor, which allows you to easily undergo design in the browser. It is created in the JavaScript programming language, especially for web designers and front-end developers. It contains:
  • Inline Editors (try using the commands Ctrl + E/ Command + E).
  • Live Preview – allows you to see live, in the browser, all the modifications done in the text editor.
  • It is using preprocessors as LESS and SCSS, important for the workflow of your project.
  1. Vim – free text editor, cross-platform, used by programmers that want or care about the software’s interface (personalized customization); you don’t have to be a programmers to use it at its full potential. You just need to give in some time for its configuration, so that it will work just the way you want it to. It is very useful to beginners because the moment you remember the shortcuts and the commands, it becomes an essential tool and your project will take shape.

It supports macro reading, it automatically recognizes the file types and it works at your command.

  1. Coda 2 – free text editor, especially made for web designers and web developers. It is a modern Mac application, used for creating websites. It works only on the OS X operating system. Coda 2 had added a ton of new features that make editing more interactive, having included code folding, code focus, new clips and a built-in MySQL

The Text Editors presented above are the most often used when creating websites, and given the fact that every one of them is different from the other, picking one is not difficult and will offer you an enjoyable experience which will allow you to create your website just as you want to.

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