Traffic Growth – 5 ways through which you can influence it

Traffic Growth – 5 ways through which you can influence it

Traffic importance for an online business

When you own an online business there are certain factors you’ll have to keep in mind to assure the success of this business. One on the most important factors you have to permanently monitor is your website’s traffic growth.

The Baboon professional team is always thinking of the success of your business in the online environment and takes into account the importance of every factor that boosts your business up to impatient customers of the online jungle. So, we thought to talk about traffic growth today.



  1. Website’s SEO Optimization

The base of an online business will always be your presentation website, and the business’ success will be found on the websites position in the search engines.

The easier you are found, the more you will enjoy plenty of sales.


In this regard, the most effective method of long-term positioning is still an on-point SEO Strategy. Starting from selecting the keywords that benefit you the most, to optimizing the images, files and platform is a long way – but a way that will guide you every time to success.


  1. Professional use of the Social Media Channels

The first thing you have to do when you start a business is tell everybody about it. But during this process you should know that your personal Facebook page WON’T HELP you too much, even if you’ll share on it everything you do and goes on around your new business.

You’ll have to set up an entire Social Media plan, a content strategy and a strict schedule according to which you’ll be posting on the channels, after which you’ll have to create company pages on these channels. You’ll have to work to attract fans on these pages, but at the end you’ll notice that a considerable percentage on these fans will become followers of your website.


  1. Google AdWords Advertisement

This method is proved as being the most efficient to increase the traffic for a short time. Also, it is a very good way of increasing the conversion rate. That is why it is necessary for you to allocate a suitable budget for this activity, if you want to have the best results.

You can see more details and research on how to run such a campaign in a professional way here.


  1. Creating quality content

This method is as important as the first. Think that over 50% of the internet’s users browse websites with informative purpose, to gather information, to read content. For your website to be amongst the one visited by this huge number of people you need quality content.

When you refer to quality content, you have to know it’s not all about grammatically written texts and creative expressions, but also about multimedia content. Don’t forget that you are in the online jungle, and here images and videos matter up to 6, respectively 10 times more than the text, according to the specialists.


  1. Not everything happens ONLINE.

If you have an online shop opened or a presentation website, this doesn’t mean you’ll have to lock yourself up in the house and spend 24 hours a day in front of your PC. The OFFLINE is as well a huge source of traffic, if used accordingly.

Try to make your website as visible as possible in the outdoor environment via certain methods:

  • Wear t-shirts of your website
  • Share business cards and flyers
  • Talk with your friends about your new website
  • Use your car as advertising space (4-wheeled billboard)
  • Participate at events from your field of activity
  • Personalize objects with the identity of your website and offer them to acquaintances.


There are tens of ways through which you can increase your website’s visibility and attract more traffic to it. You only have to make time and work hard to reach the limits you set yourself.


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