Website Translation – an important element for your business

Website Translation – an important element for your business

Language is an important sales element!

Even if you do well when it comes to optimizing your website, responsive content, marketing, SEO, etc. you might lose many potential visitors/ clients simply because not everybody talks the same language.

The good part is that if you decide to expand your business even more, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on this because WordPress contains a multitude of modules that will help you translate every part of your website, so that you will get more visitors and potential customers.

More online users don’t necessarily mean more customers.

To transform a visitor into a client, you’ll have to attract him to your offer first. And for this, the language of your content is the key factor in understanding the services’ description or the offers you are providing.

Website Translation

The possibility to create content in more than one language (website translation), is a huge opportunity for many website owners, and the modules presented below will benefit your website and your business:


  1. Google Language Translator – even if it is named like this, it is not an official Google module, but it is build based on the Google Translate Service. It’s easy to install, you only have to download it, install, and configure and you’re done, it’s now ready to translate the content of your website. Details: 80+ different languages available via Google Translate, the translation Tool can be added anywhere, via a short code.


  1. WPML – well known translation module. Makes possible the translation of posts, menus, taxonomies, categories, custom fields, etc. Also, it is capable of detecting the visitor’s browser language. It is compatible with the majority of WordPress’ templates and supports over 40 different languages.


  1. Polylang – all-in-one module. It offers a multitude of option for translating the content of your website. Supports 41 different languages, the admin interface working in all of these languages. Makes possible the translation of posts, taxonomies, widgets, custom posts, etc. The module can automatically detect a post’s language, or it can be manually set via an URL. The users can change the language through a menu widget (nav).


  1. qTranslateX – it is a branch of the original qTranslate, one of the most famous WordPress translation modules. It helps to create different translations, in different languages, in the same WordPress editor, easing the translation process of your website’s content. With its help, you can translate widget titles and other custom fields, via a short code. One language per URL – very useful for SEO, and supports three different URL


Improving the audience and the foreign customers marketing + online internationalization – These would be some of the reasons for which you should get your website’s content translation going on! The customers are waiting to understand the message. Make your web site understood!




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